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Job Seekers Visa Germany

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Job Seekers Visa Germany

Germany is one of the thriving, advanced and powerful countries in the world. It is also one of the most perfect immigration destinations for students and skilled workers across the globe. Its exceptional social security benefits, low unemployment rate, high paying professions and ideal working conditions attract a large number of students around the world to study and work in Germany.

Some of the professionals who have high demand in Germany are

  • Computer Engineers (experienced in IT, JAVA, Coding, etc.)
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers

Job seekers visa can be applied if you have at least 5 years of work experience. Moreover, eligible students have options to pursue Master’s degree courses like Automobile, Marine, Aeronautical, EEE, ECE and E&I in world class universities in Germany so as to get job placements in top companies.

Language plays an important part in studying and obtaining a job in Germany. It is important for aspiring students to learn the German language when applying to one of the universities in Germany.

Fly n Study provides a crash course for the convenience of students who are planning to study in Germany. Our German language course would help you to speak and understand German to a better extent. This way, you can enhance your German language and communication skills and also increase the chances of getting placed in a reputed company in Germany.

If you are well-versed in German language, Fly n Study also assist you in scheduling interview with top companies in Germany.

How to Apply


Share your requirements and plans to Fly n Study Overseas who are experienced in offering Germany Visa Services. We will explain the requirements to process your Visa.


It is simple to use our website. You can fill up the visa application form, do online payment and also make use of our other convenient services.


We request you to submit the biometrics and application directly in our office. We will be waiting to assist you as per your convenience.

Apply Job Seeker Visa Germany

"Hello I’m Arun, I did German language A1 here they helped me a lot. Riaz treated me like his own brother. Fly n Study Overseas helped me a lot during the higher study application process. I’ve applied to 8 universities, currently I got one university admit still I have 7 universities result hopping for good results."

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