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Study In Singapore

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Why Study In Singapore?

Singapore offers a progressive education system with state-of-the-art facilities. The standard of education is excellent across all levels, starting right from the primary level. Apart from the public schools, Singapore also has 30+ international schools that follow the foreign education system for children of expatriates. The 5 autonomous universities of Singapore are ranked well globally and all other private institutes of higher education (PEIs) are regulated by the Council for Private Education (CPE).

The best thing about studying in Singapore is its proximity to India which reduces the expanses incurred in this country as compared to major destinations like USA, UK, Canada or Australia. Indian students studying in Singapore will not face any problem feeling at home as English widely spoken here and majority of Singaporeans can understand English. Even though the national language of Singapore is Malay, the 4 official languages are Malay, Mandarin, Tamil & English, thanks to the multi-racial nature of Singapore. Students won’t have any difficulty communicating as English is the main language of business & administration.

Popular Institution

  • Entrepreneur Resource Center (ERC)Institute of Management
  • Auston institute of managment Technology
  • Stamford raffles college
  • EASB institute of mangement
  • Nanyang institute of management
  • PSB Academy
  • Stansfield college
  • Marketing Institute of Singapore
  • Amity Global Business school
  • Dimensions International college
  • FTMS Global
  • Mages school of excellence(Game design & Animation)
  • Anglo Chinese International School
  • AEC College
  • Curtin Singapore
  • Fortune School of Technology & Mgmt
  • German Institute of Science & Technology – TUM Asia
  • Informatics Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • JCU Singapore Pte Ltd
  • LASALLE College of the Arts
  • Marketing Institute of Singapore
  • Mgmt Devpt Inst Singapore
  • New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia
  • Raffles Design Institutes & Hartford Institutes
  • School D’ Hospitality
  • Singapore Institute of Management
  • Singapore Institute of Commerce
  • Stansfield College
  • Singapore Management University
  • TMC Educational Group
  • Tourism Management Institute of Singapore (TMIS)
  • United World School Of Business
  • University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV)

Popular Courses

Master Degree Courses

  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Logistics & Supply chain Management
  • MBA in Tourism & Hospitality management
  • MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • MSc Embedded and Intelligent Systems
  • MSc Data Communication and Networks
  • MSC- Programme and Project Management
  • MSc in International Banking
  • MSc in International Banking & Finance

PG Diploma Courses

  • PG Diploma in International Business
  • PG Diploma in Engineering Management

Bachelor Degree Courses

  • B.E(Hons)in Electronic and Communication Engineering
  • B.E(Hons) in Mechatronics
  • BSc (HONS) in Business Management
  • BSc (HONS) in Business Information Technology
  • BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Education
  • BA (Hons) in Adventure Facilitation & Education
  • Business and resort management
  • Business Administration
  • Business and human resource management
  • Business & marketing
  • Business & Enterprise management
  • Business & Retail Management
  • Business & Finance

Part Time Jobs

Advance Diploma courses

  • Advanced Diploma in Business Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Engineering

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Business
  • Diploma in Computers, Electronics and Communications

Living Expense

Singapore has one of the highest living standards in the South East Asia. Daily necessities and luxuries are readily available. Below are estimations of how much is required during your stay in Singapore. They do not include tuition fees and travel expenses from your home country to Singapore.

An international student in Singapore spends, on average, about S$750 to S$2,000 a month on living expenses. This amount will, of course, vary depending on your lifestyle and course of study.

Part Time Jobs

Foreign students are not allowed to engage in any form of employment in Singapore, whether during term time or vacation time, unless they are granted Work Pass exemption under the Employment of Foreign Manpower (Work Pass Exemptions) Notification.

After Study In Singapore

After completion of studies in Singapore, student can apply for a job search permit in Singapore which is given for 6 months. During this period students are eligible to work full-time in any field until he/she gets a proper job offer.

After getting a job offer, he/she would have to apply for e-pass which would give the applicant eligibility to work full-time in any field.

You would be eligible to apply for Singapore Permanent Residence once you start earning at least SGD 3,000 per month. Processing time for PR is only 73 days.

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