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Hello I’m Arun, I did German language A1 here they helped me a lot. Riaz treated me like his own brother. Fly n Study Overseas helped me a lot during the higher study application process. I’ve applied to 8 universities, currently I got one university admit still I have 7 universities result hopping for good results.


Hello, I’m Manjunath, Currently studying in TU Hamburg, Germany. I did German course A1 and the visa process with Fly n Study Overseas. To be frank, They are really cool. I had less time so I chose Fly N Study instead of Goethe and I did my German A1 in just one month.

Muthu Balakan

Hello everyone, I am Muthu from Chennai, currently I’m doing my masters in Germany. First of all, I would like to thank three people(My bros) who made my dream come true. Mohamed Riaz and our home Fly N Study Overseas, It is the place for the birds who want to fly higher. They taught me A1 and A2 level and helped me to clear Goethe exams in first attempt.

Nivedha Selvan

I’m Nivedha from Chennai, Fly n Study Overseas who made my dream of studying abroad come true. I did my Visa process through this consultancy, since I got my admit late, loan process took a long time so I was a bit tensed about the visa deadline, but I am very lucky I should thank Mr.Riyaz who helped me to file my visa perfectly in just a day.